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How and Why to Increase eCommerce Sales with Amazon Marketplace

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you need to differentiate your brand from competitors, boost product awareness, and attract your target customers. One way to do this is to leverage yourself and your brand as a resource.

Online consumers spend a lot of time researching before making a purchasing decision. If your brand provides consumers with the information they are looking for, you will build their trust in your brand and ultimately become a more successful Amazon retailer. Here are five steps on how to turn your website into that trusted resource:

Step 1: Think about the value you can provide to others. Think about the knowledge you have about your product and industry that customers would benefit from knowing. Next, create content that educates your customers in those areas.

Step 2: Create a place to publish and share that value. Set up a blog on your website and start sharing your knowledge with weekly blog posts. The focus of these blog posts should be around providing answers to questions your customers frequently have about your industry or product.

Step 3: Start sending traffic to the content you create. To increase the number of people who see the blog posts you create, try running Facebook ads, targeting useful keywords, and sharing your content with any other social media channels your users frequently use.

Step 4: Capture email addresses and start nurturing leads through email marketing campaigns. Create tools and incentives for people to provide their email addresses before or after reading your blog posts. This way you can generate more leads and start an email marketing campaign to move those leads further down your sales funnel.

Step 5: Include a compelling call to action in each blog post or email. Guide readers directly to your product listings and brand page on Amazon by crafting compelling messages around why they should find you on Amazon and how.


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